Tri-Spark, Electronic Ignition, British Twin, Clockwise Rotation


Tri-Spark, British Twin, Clockwise, Electronic Ignition

Sold Individually, as seen in photo. 

From Tri-Spark: The Classic Twin utilises 21st century technology to provide simple installation without the black box, superior running and easy starting without kick back. Many years of experience with classic motorcycles and extensive development has resulted in this high precision, zero maintenance, compact and reliable system. Built in self test mode and LED for setting the timing.

The TRI-0005A is suitable for Triumph Unit Twins (T100, T120, TR7RV, T140 Bonneville, Tiger, Daytona etc), Norton Atlas and 1968 Commando, Enfield Interceptor - Clockwise Rotation. 

The TRI-0005B is suitable for Norton Commando 1969-75, BSA unit twins (A65, B50), BSA singles (B25 etc) and Triumph singles (Tiger Cub) - Counter Clockwise Rotation.

This is a 12 volt system for positive OR negative earth/ground installations.

Recommended accessories with the Classic Twin 

  • Ignition Coils Tri-Spark 6V high performance coils (2 required for twins); IGC-1006. 
  • Spark plug lead including NGK suppressor caps (wires are  90cm long – cut to length) (2 required);  SPL-0020 Right angle coil end; SPL-0010 Straight coil end fitting

Recommended accessories for Single Cylinder Bikes

  • Ignition Coil Tri-Spark 12V high performance coil; IGC-1012. 
  • Spark plug lead including NGK suppressor cap (wires are  90cm long – cut to length);  SPL-0020 Right angle coil end; SPL-0010 Straight coil end fitting

Two versions

  • The 'A' type is for engines where the Tri-Spark trigger rotor turns CLOCKWISE (Triumph unit twins, Norton Atlas, 1968 Commando, RE intercepter, Velocette)
  • The 'B' type is for engines where the trigger rotor turns COUNTER CLOCKWISE (Norton Commando 1969-75, BSA A65, BSA unit twins and singles, Triumph singles, Tiger Cub)

The direction is the way the Tri-Spark rotor turns when installed in the engine and looking at the front face of the rotor.

Why 2 versions? The direction and speed of rotation are used to opimise the starting performance which is critical for kickstarting and also helps to avoid damage to the electric start mechanism which is easily damaged in some machines if the engine kicks against the starter. We designed this unique system because want your engine to fire up easily!

What the kit includes

  • Tri-Spark stator unit (trigger and control module) - replaces the points plate 
  • Tri-Spark trigger rotor - replaces the auto advance unit and points cam
  • 12 page illustrated colour instruction booklet
  • a few useful wiring terminals and hardware items for fitting

Classic Twin for offset crank

The Classic Twin is generally used for parallel twins with a 360-degree crank configuration, however it may be used on engines with offset cranks such as 270-degree.  A modification is required to the trigger rotor for offset crank applications to reposition the magnets to suit your engine.  Please add the Offset Crank Rotor to your cart and specify the degrees and for what bike in the delivery note section.

(17-128A, KB-1006, TRI-0005A Triumph)

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