About Us:

Hello and thank you for visiting K.M. Jones Enterprises LLC. We offer items for most models and years of Triumph motorcycles, but we have a fairly strong focus on 650 & 750cc twins manufactured from 1971 to 1983, the "Oil-in-Frame" models.  K.M. Jones Enterprises LLC started out in a 14' x 24' garage in Topeka, KS in 2015. We've tried very hard not to "Cherry Pick" parts to offer, back when we started we literally pulled out the 1971 T120/TR6 manual and started logging and ordering parts from the first page all the way down to the 1980's T140/TR7's. There are a few gaps here and there where we need to fill in, but we've become a pretty good one-stop-shop for your OIF bikes, among others.

While classic & vintage motorcycles have their challenges, regardless of the make/model, we understand the troubles it takes to find & source high quality parts and spares.  When buying parts from our distributors we buy UK made parts first, if they are not available we only select parts made by known & reputable manufacturers.  We also like to have options and offer Used, NOS and some US made parts.

We're proud to be a US Army Veteran and family owned/operated business in the heartland of the United States.  We've started small, but we're constantly putting time and effort into expanding our inventory and widening our range of parts.  The end goal is to keep the greatest motorcycles ever built on the road by eliminating some of the stresses of finding, vetting and purchasing quality parts. 

The good people at Triumph Engineering, and the later Co-operative, built these bikes to be ridden, not to be garage queens, centerpieces or displays.  It’s our belief they should be ridden and we want to do our part to help keep them on the road. 

Take care, ride safe and happy wrenching, The Jones Family.

K.M. Jones Enterprises, LLC, Motorcycle Supplies, Topeka, KS