2928/178, Amal MkII Service Kit, Genuine AMAL


Triumph/Amal Part#: 2928/178, Amal MkII Carb Kit, Genuine AMAL.

The following carb parts are included, you will need one kit per carb:

2622/066, Fiber Washer, Float Bowl Drain x1

13/163, Fiber Washer x1

14/176, Fiber Washer x1

2622/070, Float Bowl Gasket x1

376/093, Fuel Filter, Banjo x1

2622/128, Screw, Pilot Air Adjuster x1

2622/129, Screw, Throttle Adjuster x1

316/083, Rubber Boot x1

2622/087, Cold Start Click Spring x1

622/149, Float Needle, Vinton x1

2622/067, Needle Clip x1

2622/134, Air Vent Tube Clip x2

2622/145, Air Vent Tube x2

Sold as Kit as seen in photo and with listed parts. 

(Carb rebuild kit, Carburetor rebuild kit, Mk2 Carb Kit)

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